Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Egg White Spinach Omelet

I know by default most people resort to a granola bar, bagel, or even just coffee when their mornings are rushed and they need something quick. But what if you want something easy, fast, AND nutritious? I know whipping up a omelette isn't the first thing you think of, but in reality it only takes a couple of minutes, at least this recipe does. And if you want something even quicker, this recipe can be turned into scrambled egg whites with all the same ingredients!

Ingredients: I use the store bought organic egg whites that come in a carton, they are cost efficient, and just egg whites so I don't feel wasteful. Spinach, non stick cooking spray, salt, and pepper. Optional: avocado and hot sauce. 

How To Make It: 
I start by spraying a non stick cooking spray (instead of butter) in a small sauté pan at medium to heat. Then add the egg whites just enough to cover the pan, once the eggs are mostly non transparent add the spinach, salt, and pepper. 
Lastly fold both ends towards the center.
 Optional: top it off with avocados and your favorite hot sauce or salsa, I used sriracha in this example. You can enjoy this healthy breakfast with a side of whole grain toast or as is. Enjoy :)